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Why only three word titles?

I've chosen to use only 3 words in my titles.
You can say a lot with just 3
"I love you", "I am sorry", "I was wrong", "You look nice", "You did great"...
I think you get the idea.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Equine Red Tape

10"x10" acrylic multi-media painting...Sometimes a painting is just a jumble of colors, lines, and nondescript designs. Then something magical happens. In this case, tracing with red paint, I followed what I thought were haphazard lines. The resulting image popped and there was a horse's head...complete with ears, eye, mane, and bridle. The 'red tape' phrase comes from the patch of words taken from an old dictionary. Click...then click again...for a closer look.
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  1. I love all the texture and pattern in your work. There's lots of layers and it's very intriguing.

  2. Shelley, thanks so much for your comment :o
    After applying several layers of haphazard (?) painting/stamping, the painting begins to emerge and seems to tell me what it wants to become. Very interesting process.

    I visited your blog and I see that you have definite ideas about figurature, and expressing the emotions that bubble up while you're working on the art piece. Stimulating work, indeed!